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seluswThis website is an addition to the online community of  the
International Spouses of Koreans Association (ISKA), a network of foreign spouses of Koreans based in South Korea and overseas.  

ISKA Online aims to support various issues on intercultural marriages including those beyond the confines of the much debated 'husband-wife-and-in-laws relationships'. The present reality is: children with dual or multiple heritage have been on the rise and this adds to the so-called 'multicultural explosion' in Korea.

Spouses who choose to stay in Korea for good have to deal with the challenges in adopting to their new home. But the question remains: How can the Korean government respond to the growing needs of its multicultural populace? Other spouses have moved back overseas which delineates the emergence of a more complex and hybridized identities of multicultural, multiracial Korean children.

The group represents one of the major multicultural demographics in South Korea. If you have any query, please
contact us.

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